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The most compelling word games for iPhone and iPad

Expand and enhance your vocabulary by forming the hidden words in a plethora of word games. Begin with a simple stage and work your way up to hard and rarest of the words. Play Words With Friends or Boggle and check your understanding of words and knowledge of grammar. Both the games will teach you to utilize and understand word power in a better way at the same time also offering you with an unforgettable and amazing gaming experience! Given below are some of the most compelling word game for iPhone and iPad.

Words With friends: Words With Friends is similar to popular board game known as Scrabble. It is multi player word game where you and others can form words in turns. You always have an option to search for friends through Facebook or username or you can also compete with a random player who is registered. The players can chat as well as talk with their competitors. When it comes to word games, Words with Friends is recognized as one of the happening word game for iPad and iPhones.

Bookworm: Established by PopCap this word-puzzle game lets you connect tiled letters to create new words. The bigger the word formed by the player, the bigger will be his/her score. Beware of burning letters as they can turn you and Lex into a loser! The letters can be re-scrambled by just shaking your iPhone or iPad. The game has endless levels to play where all players can also save their progress as they go about it.

Scramble With Friends: Developed by Zynga, this word game is one of the favorite games of word addicts. Same as Words With Friends, players will form words in a letter grid. Use your fingers to tap and slide the letters to build new words backwards, forwards or horizontally. You can also challenge your friends for a 2-minute round. While you can also play with your friends on Facebook, tens of thousands of players from round the globe are also available on-board in case you want to play with a random opponent.

Boggle: Launched by Electronic Arts, this puzzle game consists of a dice that shuffles when you shake your device. Just drag letters with your fingers and form as many words as possible in a 3 minutes time period. Hunch, Triple It and Halt are unique power-ups that can build a good score. You can challenge as much as 4 buddies via Facebook or Pass ‘N Play.

Letterpress: No longer amazed with Word with Friends? Letterpress is the name for you. This latest puzzle word game contains an element of strategy to the turn-based word game version and carries an exclusive minimalistic interface.


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