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Play some top multi player word games and compete with millions real-time

Word games are games that never go out of fashion. From the candor of Angry Birds series to the stupendous intricacy of Skyrim, every one of us yet love to test our vocabulary by playing a word game. Given below are some amazing multi-player online words games that let you compete with millions real-time and have unlimited fun:


Wordz is a fresh, out-of-box free online multi player word game that blends together a) classy crossword approach, b) easy swap-and-match pattern. Play this multiplayer learning word game and test your vocabulary and grammar while you feel swap alphabets to create new words. Perhaps it is a great game to enhance your knowledge of English and other foreign languages since it can be played in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian as well. Attempt a multiplayer mode, challenge your friends and world and emerge as a world champion in Wordz!

Anagram Magic

Letters and words have always been perceived as a powerful force. Apply your brains and create the longest word while you play this magical multiplayer word game. Anagram Magic enables you to play against your friends and other in a startling battle where you get to know that who amongst you is a master of words. You can begin by picking consonants and vowels and then rearrange them to conjure up the longest word. Hence you earn the maximum points. So test your knowledge and find out-are you great enough to solve the 11 letter Anagram before your adversary and become a winner? ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and this game requires a lot of practice!

Just Words:

Are you a SCRABBLE enthusiast? Do you miss the original SCRABBLE game? Don’t worry; Just Words is a wonderful word game that lends you the feel of the much celebrated word game, SCRABBLE. Just Words can be played by more than one player and as players form new words using letter tiles they score points. The presence of power tiles besides normal letter tiles makes the game more interesting and challenging.

Word Battle

Often acclaimed as an exciting and irresistible multiplayer game, Word Battle allows you to choose your adversaries be it friends or any player from global online space. Every player in this game gets 9 random letters and every letter carries some score. In 40 seconds they need to create a word that increases their points. The player with the highest words formation wins the game.

Words are a great fun and when it comes to online gaming there is no dearth of word games. Step into the world of Larry Brunken games & experience great fun.


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