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Play dictionary games and kill you time while having unlimited fun

Word games can be an amazing exercise for the brain, regardless of what age group you belong to. Enhancing your vocabulary and growing your knowledge is an intelligent and fun interest. Testify your intellect of words and their descriptions by playing few of the word games that I have selected for this AppGuide.

Words with Friends Pro

This game has hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts all over the world. This app is similar to a board game called as Scrabble. Play in opposition to your Facebook friends through Facebook connect online pass-and-play or get championships with a casual competitor. If you are looking to play free of cost or utilize the iPad version, both are available online.

Word Chums

Create new words with this amazing word game. Play dictionary games and beef up your brain. Built your word puzzle, tailor-make your “chum” and beat the others. You are capable to choose a friend from your contacts, choose a mate that you know through game usernames, hit against casual competitors or struggle against a computer Chumbot. This game is universal and hence is also available for free of cost.

Letterpress Word Games

This word game is undeniable irresistible and a bit unique. Letterpress lends you with a board brimming with letters and two hues, which the beginning player creates a word from. The aim is to create as many words as you can, win over your competitor’s “hue” and gain higher score. You can select color themes, play with Game Center friends or select an auto-match for a casual competitor; this game is a universal one.

Hangman Free

Do you think that you have a great understanding of words? Download this free hang man game on iphone and play this wonderful game with your friends and get to know how good your vocabulary is. Hangman Free is one of the best Hangman word games available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app obediently seizes every single detail of the legendary Hangman strife, right down to the chalk dust.


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